5646 SE 28th St.
Ocala, FL 34480

Greetings from St. George Anglican Cathedral in Ocala, Florida

I would like to thank you for taking time to access our website.  The website has been designed to answer your immediate questions and hopefully encourage you to come and seek further answers in our community. 

We are a Catholic Community, in the Anglican Tradition, with a Commission from our Lord Jesus Christ to seek out those who desire a closer relationship with God.  We believe that our more formal Worship is the Word of God or Logos.  At St. George’s, we preach and teach that the Holy Scriptures contain all things necessary to our salvation.  The Word of God is heard in both the preaching of the Word in Worship and the teaching of the Word in Christian Education.  The incorporation of the Word however, comes in a nurturing community dedicated to the services of God. 

Come join us in our journey to a better and deeper relationship with God.  The journey is not easy and the road if fraught with problems, however the rewards of a closer relationship with God far outweigh the difficulties placed in our way.  All of God’s children are welcome to join us in our journey.  If you have attempted to make this journey before and have been drawn away by the many difficulties of this world, please allow us to help you find your way once again.

In Christ’s love,

Arthur Rushlow