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At St. George Anglican Cathedral…

We accept not only the two Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion specifically directed by Our Lord, but also the five additional Sacraments of Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, Penance, Unction, and the Holy Orders accepted as such by the undivided Church from the earliest times.  The Sacraments are the principal path through which God’s Grace is mediated to the followers of Christ. 

Of these Sacraments we believe that the Eucharist, the Holy Communion, is central and essential to the Spiritual life and witness of a follower of Jesus Christ.  The Eucharist is the only complete service of worship in the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, and without the frequent and devout reception of the sacramental Body and Blood of Christ there can be no true “life” in His mature disciples. (John 6:53)

The Sacrament of Unction (anointing with consecrated oil with prayer for healing) should be a natural part of the life of every Christian.  We believe that in addition to taking advantage of the knowledge given by God to physicians, the Sacrament of Unction should be requested on any occasion of illness of body, mind, or spirit. 

While the Anglican Church has never denied that in response to repentance and contrition, the confession of sin directly to God through Jesus Christ as our intermediary will bring His forgiveness and reconciliation, the history of the human weakness of God’s people has shown that periodic resort to the Sacrament of Penance (confession to a Priest or Bishop) is a great privilege, and beneficial in assuring and strengthening a life in complete reconciliation with God.   We therefore encourage our people to resort to that Sacrament whenever they are burdened by a grave sense of guilt, and in any case once a year, preferably during Lent.

(For more information about the Sacraments, please go to the Anglican Teaching Leaflets on the Our Beliefs page labeled “Leaflets”. There are leaflets about the following:  Baptism; Holy Communion – see “Do This” and The Real Presence; Confirmation; Holy Matrimony; Penance; and Holy Orders – see The Male Priesthood, The Ordained Ministry, and Bishops.)